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Other than the legal aspect of a 'must have', an MOT affords you some confidence in the roadworthiness of your vehicle (provided the MOT is undertaken at legitimate premises).


At Matt's Motors, Mildenhall we undertake a thorough MOT using state-of-the-art technology used in the hands of experienced mechanics.  If your vehicle fails you will receive a detailed report and our advice on your options and best course of action.


Book your vehicle in for its MOT by calling us on 01638 715725 or email us here.


Do you know when your vehicle's MOT is due? Check it at:                                        


An MOT checks that your car is roadworthy and meets environmental controls.  Part of your MOT will be to check the following aspects of your vehicle. This list doesn't carry the full detail of the what and why but it gives you an idea of what's involved in an MOT test:


Vehicle Identification Number and licence (registration) plate

The VIN is checked to ensure it's readable; the licence plate

to make sure it's legal, safe, readable and secure


Lights and indicators

Tests check that your lights and indicators work, are the right colour,

are secure and point in the correct direction


Steering & Suspension

We check your car's steering and suspension to see that they are in acceptable condition and work correctly


Windscreen, windscreen wipers and washer bottle

The windscreen is checked for chips and cracks that would affect

the driver's line of sight.  Windscreen wipers and washer bottle

are checked to see if they work and provide a clear view of the road.



Your car's horn is checked to make sure it works and is effective


Seats and seatbelts

Front seats are checked for security, belts are checked to make sure they are safe, secure, work and that all compulsory seat belts are in place


Fuel system and emissions

The MOT test checks for leaks throughout the fuel system and checks that the fuel cap seals securely


Bodywork, doors and mirrors

Vehicles are checked for excessive corrosion or for damage in particular areas. All doors are checked to ensure they open and close correctly and that the latches are secure when closed. Front doors should open from inside and outside of the vehicle. Mirrors are checked for roadworthy condition and security.


Wheels, tyres and brakes

Wheels and tyres are checked for condition, security, correct tyre size, type and depth of tread.  Brakes are tested for performance, condition and operation.




Provide us with vehicle's registration and your email address, and we will send you an email reminder 30 days before your vehicle's next MOT is due.


Additionally, you can use the Government's text reminder service - it'll give you several reminders about when your MOT is due, subject to their fee of £1.50. Text your MOT test number to 66848 (MOT4U) from your mobile phone.


Find further details here.

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You may not need to pay for the test over again.  Check here to see the list of fail items and conditions that may result in no additional expense or only having to pay a partial MOT fee.