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An accurate diagnosis is essential for efficient and cost effective repairs.  Using the most up-to-date diagnosis equipment, which works on most makes of vehicle, we can determine a fault quickly and accurately.  We also  offer a while-you-wait service which can give you a prompt diagnosis and recommend a course of action for your repair (please book in advance).

MATTS mini matt 100

 • Downloading and initialisation

 • Central locking/security systems

 • Climate control

 • Suspension

 • CAN network system/BSI

 • Fuel injection

 • Diesel injection (HDI)

 • ABS

 • Air bag

 • Body computers


Likely that if you've got a car, you've got a car problem! Get it back on the road and keep it there with a range of services that cover all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance.

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Air & Fluids Air filters, oil, Fluid changes & leaks.


Battery & Electrical  Circuitry, charging systems, battery replacement.


Exhaust, CAT & Muffler  Repairs, emission tests, blue smoke, etc.


Heating & Air Conditioning  To keep you and your engine at the right temperature.


Safety and Security From air-bags to central locking fault-find and fix.

Steering & Suspension Power steering tips and information about shock absorbtion.


Transmission Automatic and manual transmissions, clutch and starter.


Warning Lights Diagnostics and battery checks for dashboard lights


Brakes  Maintenance and repair of various brake systems.


Engine Belts, carburetors, fuel systems, valves, diagnostics and more.